Virginia National Guard Alumni Network Survey

VNG Alumni Network Survey

Please complete the following survey questions to help make the Virginia National Guard Alumni Network more effective. NOTE: The VNG Alumni Network does not share any information with third parties, and providing contact information is optional and only needed if a follow up is appropriate.
  • Service Information / Connection to the VNG

  • Please tell us your connection with the Virginia National Guard? Are you alumni of the Virginia Army National Guard, Air National Guard or Defense Force? Currently serving? Family member? Elected official? Friend of the VNG?
  • If you served in the VNG or VDF, please share what units and the time you served in those units.
  • Alumni Network Information and Events

  • What information do you think would be valuable for members of the Alumni Network?
  • What kind of alumni events would you like to see in your area? Reunions? Meeting with senior leaders or current service members?
  • Are there any events in your community that would be good opportunities for participation from VNG senior leaders, the 29th ID Band or Army Guard, Air Guard or VDF recruiters? If so, please share the details.
  • Alumni Network Connections

  • Do you have any connections with local, state or federal elected officials who would benefit with knowing more about the VNG’s current missions and capabilities? If so, please share their contact information and the nature of your connection with the official.
  • Do you have any connection to a business or other employment that would offer and/or provide the opportunity for new Virginia National Guard Soldiers or Airmen to interview for employment?
  • Do you have any connections with local schools or other organizations whose members would benefit from knowing more about opportunities available from joining the VNG? We are looking for opportunities for Virginia Army or Air National Guard recruiters to engage with the 17-23 year-old demographic. Please share any recommendations you have.